Sick of burning your hand when grilling some foods for your guests.   Why not use a Digital BBQ Tongs ?   This kitchen device can hale you to flip and grab your meat but the best thing about this barbeque tongs is that it has backlit LCD display that will allow you to read the meat’s internal temperature you are cooking.  This Digital Meat thermometer has Sensors in its tips that monitor the temperature.   And when the meat is done it will alarm sound to make sure that the food is cooked to perfection. It has meat-type presets for 7 different kinds of meat and 1 custom setting.

Digital BBQ Tongs with Backlit LCD Display

Another good feature with this Digital BBQ tongs is its built-in LED flashlight powered by 2 x AAA type batteries that you can use just in case you are grilling outside of your house in the dark.

You can have these ultimate Digital Barbeque Tongs household device for the price of about $40.


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