Duracell’s USB Pocket Charger

New cool gadget from Duracell. Now theres no hassle when your outside and your devices run out of battery. The company just announced yesterday the Duracell My Pocket USB Charger. This device is actually a USB charging port which is able to plug straight into the vehicle’s DC socket to charge any USB gadgets you plug in.

Duracell USB My Pocket Charger Photo

There’s even a slot to put AA/AAA batteries into so you can charge them via wall or car outlet. The Duracell USB Charger is compact and lightweight which offers 5-volt DC power to charge device. When plugged in, the Duracell USB Charger functions as an USB opening which glows with a soothing blue light to indicate its readiness to charge.

The Duracell USB Charger comes for $24.99. There is no word on pricing and release date.

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