Pure Digital has at last gone official with its new Flip video cameras from a series of leaks concerning its new iterations. Today, the new Flip Ultra and Flip UltraHD were announced in the States. The new generation is available in both high-definition and standard-resolution models and features two hours of recording time.

Flip UltraHD Camcorder Features :

* Colors: Black, White (with chrome trim)
* Video Resolution: High Definition, 1280 x 720
* Records: 2 hours (8 GB built-in memory)
* Screen: 2 inch – transflective (anti-glare)
* Batteries: 2 x AA (rechargeable AA battery pack included)
* TV Output: Widescreen with HDMI™ output
* Zoom: 2 x Digital

Flip Ultra and Flip Ultrahd

Flip Ultra Camcorder Features :

* Colors: Black, White, Yellow and Pink
* Video Resolution: 640 x 480
* Records: 2 hours (4GB built-in memory)
* Screen: 2 inch – transflective (anti-glare)
* Batteries: 2 x AA (optional rechargeable AA battery pack sold separately)
* TV Output: SD Composite Video
* Zoom: 2 x Digital

Both the Flip Ultra SD and the Flip ultra HD have just been made available for the price of $149 and $200 respectively


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