Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

Are you looking for a hidden camera spying gadget, a spying tools that is hardly ever going to notice by a person being spied upon.  Check out this Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66.  This one is perfect if you want to caught your loved one if he/she is cheating while you’re away or to spy on someone if he/she is stealing from you.

The hidden spy clock camera has elegant design, made from full stainless steel.   The high quality pinhole cam with 640×480 resolution is placed in the 12 ‘o clock time marker so no one would really suspect that its a hidden cam even they look closely at the clock.   The video is being recorded directly to a Micro SD card at 30 frames/second.   It also has motion detection recording that enable the device to record the video only when the objects are moving close to the camera.

Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

The CVSD-I66 can be placed in your living room, office desk or anywhere inside your house.  When spying all you have to do is to press the one button recording, go away then just watch the recorded video when you come back.

Heres the quick specs of CVSD-I66 :

  • Records video (640×480) and also audio
  • Micro SD card
  • One touch recording
  • Manual/Motion Detection recording
  • High quality, hard to notice pinhole lens
  • Elegant design and highly durable
  • Can also be used as a digital web camera

The CVSD-I66 hidden cam spy clock is now available at Chinavasion, priced at $36.64

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