If you are looking for a small MP3 player, Check out this Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player. This is the the coolest and smallest MP3 player today, even smaller than iPod Shuffle or MobiBLU Cube. This gadget is like two sugar cubes and has 4 gigabyte of memory. Micro Sport MP3 player features stereo sound and is powered by rechargeable battery. Loading MP3 files is just easy. Just plug the Micro Sport Mp3 Player like a flash drive and copy your favorite mp3 files.


Micro Sport Mp3 Player specs :

  • Very small MP3 player only about the size of 2 sugar cubes
  • 4 GigaByte Memory Storage
  • Can be charged using USB
  • Built in rechargeable Li battery
  • Easily loding of Files through USB
  • Stereo sound
  • Works with any Operating System, No drivers required

You can have this small mp3 player for the price of $89.99.


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