These days, a lot of people are taking actions towards reduction of their household’s electricity consumption. Of course, who would not want to see a big difference in their electric bills? Are you one of them? Because if you are, then this post might help you save money and minimize consumption through the use of some wireless energy monitors as well as energy saving gadgets.   Just read on the entire article.

Belkin’s Gadget Monitor

belkin gadget monitorIf you are looking for a helpful and cool gadget to regulate power consumption, then meet the eco-friendly Belkin’s gadget monitor. This gadget will help your household monitor how much electricity you consume by providing results of energy used. Also, through this Belkin’s gadget monitor, you can keep track of your electricity bill as it also displays the dollar cost.

The Belkin’s gadget monitor can be bought at a price of just $30 each.

OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor

Next up is the OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor.  Now you can take a break from your rocketing electricity bills via this wireless electricity monitor. This eco-eye device allows you to shed some pounds off your electricity consumption by giving you details about the amount of electricity you are consuming. Moreover, it’s made to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

OWL Wireless Electricity Monitor

Features-wise, the new OWL wireless electricity monitor has an accumulative function enabling you to see the cost of your accumulated power consumption. There is also a multiple tariff function wherein you can set your monitor in a tariff range so you can see an even accurate result of your usage.

The device has an improved battery life which gives you 2 years with the transmitter. It is simple to use, you will just connect the device to your any of your electrical supply without bothering the help of an electrician.

This portable and stylish device is available at a price of around $30.

These energy-saving devices might ask you to put off some pounds from your pocket, but just consider the benefits it will give your household in terms of putting a stop on the high amount you see on your electrical bills.


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