Excellent battery life allowing up to 50 hrs of audio playback and 10 hrs video playback, this is what the recently announced E Series Walkman portable media players of Sony offer, the 4GB model NWZ-E353 and 8GB model NWZ-E354.

Both of the new Sony E Series Walkman, NWZ-E353 and NWZ-E354 have Clear Audio technologies for excellent sound. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA and linear PCM for audio format and WMV for video format.

New Sony NWZ-E350 Series Walkman

These Portable Media Players features Album Scroll and Scene Scroll for quick and easy navigation of contents, Content Transfer Software for transferring of data from your computer or itunes, and Sony’s SenseMe technology which categorizes your music tracks.

Release date of New NWZ-E353 and NWZ-E354 Walkmans  will be in September, priced at $70 for the 4GB model NWZ-E353 and $80 for the 8GB NWZ-E354.


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