Nintendo recently announced a new portable gaming console with 3D effects: The Nintendo 3DS which is the successor of the Nintendo DS line.  In the press release in Japan, Nintendo said that this portable gaming console will use two  screens and you’re going to enjoy the 3D effects without wearing any glasses like the special glasses that you have to wear when watching movie on 3D TV.

nintendo 3ds portable gaming console
Nintendo 3DS gaming console features a 3.4-inch display @ 480 x 854 pixel. To create the 3D effect, Nintendo 3DS used parallax barrier system just like in Sharp’s display that that uses series of vertical slits to direct light to the right and left eyes.

This device will be available in 2 versions: the touchscreen version and the non-touchscreen version.  The non-touchscreen version will be available this June.  Still no words about the availability of the touchscreen version.

Source: Engadget


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