I’m pretty sure you’ve taken a bunch of photos ages ago even before the digital camera has been popular. Also, you might want those photos to be converted into digital format so they won’t wear out. A way to do this is through scanning those old photos. However, the thought of scanning those old photos sounds tedious, right? So before you proceed on the scanning thing, make sure that you have a good scanner with you to do the task like this one that we’re going to introduce to you – the Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/ Converter. We are pretty sure, you, readers will be impressed with how this device here works.

Pandigital Personal Scanner

The Pandigital Photo, Slide and Negative Converter scanner is a portable scanner which users can bring anywhere.  The scanner can actually scan print photos up to 5 X 7 (5R) size. The function of the Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/ Converter is kind of limited, but mind you guys, this gadget here scans images without the need of your PC.  Furthermore, the files are stored on a memory card which can be directly transferred to your PC.

So, how does the Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner works? After you have feed the photo on the device, just hit the device’s “one touch button”  and eventually the photo will be scanned in less than five minutes and the file is stored in a memory card such as MS/MS Pro/ XD/SD/MMC at 600 dpi resolution. The scanner also includes attachments so you can also scan negatives and slides. Whew, as simple as that.

Sadly, this portable scanner becomes less portable as it doesn’t come with a battery on its specs. An adapter for the power plug will be used by consumers to make this thing work, but all in all the Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/ Converter is really awesome and is really convenient for restoring those old photos.

The Pandigital Photo Scanner/ Converter can be yours at a price of $149.99.


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