Looking for Loudspeakers that can be used indoor or outdoors?  Why not try this All-Weather Polk Audio Atrium speakers.  These loudspeakers is completely weatherproof and tough and has few different ways to be mounted out.  You can place it on the ground or you may also hang it.  It has shock absorbing gasket so no need to worry for blows from the weed whackers.
Polk Audio  Atrium Outdoor All-Weather Speakers
Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor speakers System has two small speakers  (The Atrium Sat30) that produces high frequency, high fidelity sound and also a big one called Sub10, a 200 watt subwooker that has 10 inch Long Throw.  Both uses strong neodymium magnet and  produces clear, sharp detail and effortless sound.

Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor speakers System is available at Amazon, priced  at $500.


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