The Apple iPad has set the era for the tablet computing with its phone and laptop elements. But if you think that the Apple iPad is leading already, watch out for the new WePad which might change your perception in the tablet PC market.

THE IPAD KILLER, which is what experts primarily thought of this one. However, it isn’t like what some has dubbed about as this new WePad is set to be an alternative to its rival promising even more technology incorporated in the tablet PC.

wepad tablet pc

This German-made PC tablet has a wider screen, an 11.6- inch with 1366 x 768p multi-touch capable as compared to that of the Apple iPad’s. The WePad is boosted by an Intel Chip and relies on a Linux OS.  It sports two USB ports allowing PC users to connect all kinds of devices like their Flash Drives. Another good thing is that it doesn’t require a specific software if you want to put music to your WePad unlike the Apple iPad Tablet PC which requires iTunes to do so.

As for the other specs of this tablet PC, a 3Gmodem for the 32 gigabyte model and WiFi only for the 16 gigabyte model is included.

The price for the new WePad is Euro 500 or US$600 and is expected to hit the stores in late July.


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