You will surely love to fly this WowWee’s FlyTech CrashFX Remote Control Airplane and then let it crash into the ground, because CrashFX is not an ordinary design R/C airplane and was really designed for its wings and tail section to be easily broken off but the pieces are easily reassembled, so you can be flying again in seconds. Crashing the WowWee Flytech CrashFx is a bit realistic now and something you’ll love to see.


CrashFX is powered by 4 AA batteries and can provide 5 minutes of flight in a single full charged from remote. The same dual-band IR system is used in Flytech CrashFX.

Specifications of the WowWee Crash FX :

  • Easi-snap system for easy reassembly after crashes
  • 2-channel proportional control
  • Dual band IR remote for fly and crash races
  • 10 minute charge for up to 5 minutes of flight
  • 4 “AA” batteries required

WowWee FlyTech CrashFX ‘s Pricing and formal release dates have not been announced but it is expected to be released in late September or October of this year.


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