X-mini Max II Stereo Speaker System

New unusual speaker design from X-Mini. This X-mini Max II Stereo Speaker which looks like a trashcan retains the cool magnetic base design of the former dot-winning X-mini capsule speakers to hold both speakers together and to allows you to easily separate the device into two parts.

X-Mini Max II Stereo Speaker System

Compared to the X-mini Max, the new Max II Stereo features a bigger driver thus increasing the the loudspeaker output to 2.5w with ratio of signal noise is 80 dB which is “nearly double” of the X-mini.

New X-Mini Max II Stereo Speaker System Photo

The battery provides 12 hrs of use taking only 2.5 hrs to full charge.

The Max II will weigh in at 170g and will be presented in different colors. To be release in the U.S. in May having initial retail price of US$48, similar to the price of x-mini Max when first launched.

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