Common Hard Drive Problems

common hard drive problemsHere are some of the most common problems of hard disk that you may encounter.

Firmware Corruption

This is the software embedded in hard drive’s hardware. If there is a problem with the hard disk’s firware your PC will not be able to interact correctly
with your hard drive. So how do we know if the firmware has a problem? The most common signs are…

When the hard drive is powered on, you will notice that the platter spin up but the computer can’t recognize it.

Also one common sign is that your PC will usually hang during the boot process.

Electronic Failure

ICs, capacitors, resistors and other electronic component on the controller board dies due to heat. When this happens,usually your hard drive will appear dead and also will be able to recognize by your PC.

Mechanical Failure

This is the problem that are caused by the platter, head, and other mechanical part inside your hard disk.

Logical Errors

It means that the hard disk is in normal working condition but has some files damaged due to overwriting, viruses or wrong formatting.

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