How Do I Convert iTunes to MP3 ?

how to convert itunes to mp3MP3 has been the most well-known standard format played into music players.  However, not all personal music players are capable of playing digital sounds in an MP3 format. Let us take for example the Apple branded products. iPod and iPhones use a specific type of music file known as Advance Audio Coding (AAC).  The AAC and AIFF format are readily available through iTunes supported by the Apple management software. Also, most of the files bought from iTunes are DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected letting us play those files only on specific computers and devices.

Okay, so you’ve purchased a lot of songs in iTunes but you’re player isn’t an Apple iPod that’s why you can’t listen to it in your portable music player and you’ve been wondering “How Do I convert iTunes to MP3?” Well, you don’t have to fret about that stuff because you can convert those Apple iTunes AAC or M4p audio format to an MP3.

To avoid experiencing this problem again, you may have to convert the media files into a more frequent digital audio format known as MP3. But the methods of converting these files to MP3 format depend as to whether the files are DRM protected or not.

How to Convert Non-Protected Files

To convert iTunes to MP3 format, you need to:

  • Start iTunes from the Start Menu Programs
  • Go to Edit →Preferences → General and then select the Import Setting Button. (In older versions of iTunes you may have to select Edit →Preferences → Advanced →Importing )
  • You have to change the Import Setting to MP3 Encoder.
  • Click OK to save the settings.
  • Try to right click on a music track and select the option “Convert Selection to MP3.” You will be able to play the track and convert it to MP3 format if it’s not protected. If the media file is protected, a window will appear telling you that you can’t convert the track to other media formats. That is where you have to find another solution to your problem.

How to Convert Protected Files

So you tried the first step, but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. It turned out you can only convert unprotected file formats (such as WAV or WMA) to MP3. So, what are you going to do next? You have to options on how to do so:

Option 1: Burn the track/s to a compact disc. Make sure that you’re burning an audio and not a data CD.  Check the setting Edit →Preferences → General →Burning to avoid problems in importing the tracks. You can then open the CD in iTunes and then right click the media file and choose the “Convert Selection to MP3.” By doing this option, you will have two copies of the song in iTunes. One is in the original AAC format and the other is the newly converted to MP3 format. You can delete the AAC format if you like.

Option 2: You can install the NoteBurner software if you have a lot of music tracks that you need to convert. The NoteBurner software is virtual CD drives which can replicate a real CD burner. By replicating a real CD burner, it gets rid of the need for real CD-R discs.

So, “How Do I convert iTunes to MP3 ?”, We hope that we’ve answered your question and with the steps that we’ve given you, you can now enjoy your iTunes tracks even on non-Apple computers and devices. Good luck!

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