How Do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard?

Are you asking yourself  “How do I Make a Heart Symbol With My Keyboard” ?.  Are you among those people who have been trying to track down how to put special characters on your favorite social networking sites? Well, the conventional thing to let it appear is through the Insert symbol and the easiest thing on how to do it can be through copy and paste which is not bad though. But surely, there is a more convenient way on how to integrate those special picture characters into your text.

How Do I Make a Heart Symbol On My KeyboardWhen making graphics with your text fonts you can use the “ALT” key and the numbers in your numeric keypad. You have to be certain that you use your numeric keypad by setting the Num-Lock on. The graphics won’t work if you use the numbers on top of the keyboard.

With the use of your numeric keypad, you need to hold down the “ALT” key and then a corresponding number for the special character that you would like to see. Let’s say you wanted to make a heart symbol with your keyboard  and put in together with you status in Facebook or Twitter.  So this is how: for a black suit ♥, hold down Alt and press the number 3 (Alt + 3).  Then release the Alt key and the character will appear. Voila, That’s how easy to make a heart symbol with keyboard.  Very easy, right? I am sure you are going to be very excited to know how to make other symbol keyboard shortcuts like a smiley face, arrow, and infinity symbols.

Here are some other lists for the symbol keyboard shortcuts:

ALT + 1 = ☺ Smiley Face Symbol
ALT + 2 = ☻ Black Suit Smiley Face Symbol
ALT + 3 = ♥ Heart Symbol
ALT + 4 = ♦ Diamond
ALT + 5 = ♣ Spade
ALT + 6 = ♠Club
ALT + 7 = •Bullet
ALT + 8 = ◘Bullet
ALT + 9 = ○ Bullet

ALT + 14 = ♫ Musical Note Symbol
ALT + 15 = ☼ Sun Symbol
ALT + 0169 = © Copyright Symbol
ALT + 0153 = ™ Trademark Symbol
ALT + 0174 = ® Registered Symbol

We have a lot more of these so you can just explore your Alt keys and numeric keypad and enjoy the special characters that you’ve wanted to know.

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