Cleaning your dirty disks requires extra care as discs can really be very delicate and you might accidentally scratch your disk media making it become useless.

We have here some easy steps to help you in cleaning disks in no time.  Follow these quick and simple guides to get your disks back to its shiny reflective surface.  Here are some tips on how to clean your DVDs and CDs.

In cleaning your DVDs and CDs, you will need baby shampoo, a soft cloth, alcohol, and distilled water.

how to clean cds and dvdsBefore we start, let me give you some reminders first. Make sure that you clean the disk surface from inner to outer. That means, you have to wipe it from the center hole to the outer edge in a back and forth motion. Take note: avoid wiping it in a circular motion. Hold the CD and DVD on the outer surface and not with your thumb inserted in the hole.

Use a soft cloth to clean your CDs and DVDs.  If your CDs and DVDs have dust particles, wipe it with a dry soft cotton cloth in a manner that I have mentioned earlier.

But if the disks are either sticky or greasy, try to clean it with a small amount of baby shampoo mixed in distilled water.  Gently rub the surface with the soft cloth. CDs and DVDs should be completely dry before putting it back to your CD case.

For fingerprint marks on the discs, you can make use of a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and tenderly remove the dirt.  Acetone is never recommended for cleaning your CDs and DVDs as it will ruin your discs.

As for scratched discs, there are commercially available polish products that can you repair the scratches in your DVDs and CDs.

In case of scratches, try to make an immediate back-up of your CD as your CD/DVD player, CD/DVD drive may likely refuse to read your discs.

I hope that some of the methods written here have helped you ease your worries on how to clean your DVDs and CDs.


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