how to do facebook emoticons in chatPersonally, I love putting on smileys and emoticons when I am chatting with my friends on mySpace and Facebook. This gives me the idea that my feelings are conveyed easily – like it’s expressive enough!

Apparently, Facebook chat is one of the most popular applications used to communicate with loved ones. While other may just enter plain texts to it, the guys from the team have allowed us to use new and funny emoticons which can help express yourself completely. Here’s a list on how to do Facebook emoticons in Chat.

How to Make Cool Emoticons and Smileys on Facebook Chat

On the tab of your FB chat, you can type or copy-paste any of the following emoticons which you prefer to use. For instance, send smiles to your chatmate by typing in the 🙂 for a couple of times to get the smiley emoticon. Other list of all the Facebook symbols includes:

Angel                                       O:-)

Confused                                o.O

Cry                                            :’(

Devil                                        3:-)

Glasses                                    😎

Grin                                          😀

Grumpy                                  >:-(

Happy                                     ^_^

Heart                                       <3

Kiss                                           :-*

Pacman                                   :v

Putnam                                   :Putnam:

Robot                                      :|]

Sad                                           🙁

Shark                                       (^^^)

Squint                                      -_-

Sunglasses                             8-|

Tash                                         :3

Tongue                                   :p

Unsure                                    :-/

Upset                                       >-:O

Wink                                        😉

Are there Facebook hidden emoticons? Well, the penguin emoticon used to be one of them. It’s been widely used now by keying in <(“).

Now, add some spice to your FB chat convo, but make sure that you do not overuse it or you’ll chatmate will end up getting annoyed at you. But as far as how to do Facebook emoticons in chat, I’m sure that this is of big help!


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