how to download android apps to phoneYour Android smartphone will be totally useless if you don’t maximize it and make the most out if. Therefore, you need to download tons of great applications onto your mobile phone.  While you can download an application from your computer/PC, why not try to download any software directly onto your phone. How to download Android apps to phone? Continue reading after the jump.

Downloading Applications to Your Android Phone

  1. On your mobile phone, open the Applications menu and tap the Market button. You will be able to open the Android Market.
  2. Now, tap the Apps or Games menu and you’ll see different categories for the applications and games. Choose the category of your preference to view the list of the applications.
  3. Remember that some of the apps listed on the site can either be paid or downloaded for FREE. Examine the listing closely whether or not you are going to pay for the desired games or apps.
  4. Press OK to agree on the terms and conditions. Then wait for the app to be downloaded on your smartphone.

So this is how you can download Android apps to your phone. But remember that for you to be able to enjoy these apps; you need to register with your Gmail account first from your phone. Once the Market is tapped, you are prompted to register the device with an account in Gmail. Follow these steps closely to give your smartphone a boost and enjoy cool applications. Have fun!


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