how to enable registry editor - regeditRegistry Editor is a windows tool to view or modify settings in your windows registry. Windows Registry is the hierarchical database wherein all of the settings and options of the windows are being saved.  For instance, the settings of your desktop wallpaper right now, its image path, wallpaper style, and also other hidden settings are saved in your windows registry.

To open your registry editor, you need to click that start -> Run -> type regedit and hit enter.

Most of the time when opening the regedit we encounter a message like this one “registry editing has been disabled by your administrator”.

The reason maybe… Yes, that the administrator of the computer has disabled the registry editor, or it may also be a virus/worm which is actually the most common cause of this problem.

The programmers of the viruses usually disable the registry editor because commonly the viruses themselves need to use the windows registry to store their setting. And the programmer usually disable the regedit in order for the users of the computer to not manipulate or delete its settings.   Usually they also disable the task manager.  To fix this,  See how to enable / disable task manager.

So how can we enable the regedit or registry editor ? Well, its very simple, to turn the registry editing on, you can just download the Registry Fix.   This application is free and is very small in size.  The Registry Fix quickly fixes disabled registry editing.  The application tool runs on Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista and even Windows 7.

Download RegistryFix Tool Here


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