how to get on facebook, youtube, myspace at schoolMany schools, colleges, businesses, and work use a firewall to block access to YouTube and many other websites including – Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.  Are you one of the students who are looking for ways to get on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace or any of you favorite web sites at school ? Getting past the blocked sites may not be an easy task but there are ways on how to get on YouTube at school.  The information below will help you access all of the websites that are blocked at school and access them even at your workplace.

Apparently, you can unlock and get YouTube work when it’s blocked via  proxies site or by entering and using proxy ip address on your browser which bypass security firewall set by your school or work.  For this tutorial let’s just use the proxy sites.  Because its easier to use compare to using proxy ip address, because proxy ip addresses need trial and error because you need to test each and find out which proxy IP address is active and would work on your browser.

So let’s just use proxy sites.  These are web-based proxies containing a proxy script installed on it.  It’s like a browser inside a web page. Proxies hide the site information from the network.  The proxie sites allow you to access  other blocked websites because its URL or IP address is the one visible on firewall and not the URL/IP of the websites that are blocked.

Let’s say for example that the Administrator on your school blocked your favorite networking sites like facebook or Myspace.  Then you use one of the example proxy sites listed below, lets say you used http://www.websitehider.com.  In this case, the URL http://www.websitehider.com is the one that can be seen by the router or firewall and not the blocked  websites like facebook.com or myspace.com that you want to access.

There are actually hundreds of proxies available so you should keep a good list of proxies with you.

How to Get on Myspace, Facebook, Bebo and YouTube at School

  1. On your browser, type in the Google search box the words “list of proxy sites”.  You will then be provided with a list of proxy sites which you can use to access YouTube and other websites.  Here are some examples of proxy sites that you may want to use:
  • http://www.websitehider.com
  • http://www.ez2unblock.info
  • http://www.goninja.net
  • http://www.sneakthru.info
  • http://www.sneakby.org
  • http://www.mywebsitecloak.inf
  1. On the proxy site chosen, Just enter the URL in the URL box or any other websites that you want to have an access on.
  2. Click VISIT or Go.  You’re done!

We suggest that you try to get a good list of proxies with you  because its still possible for administrator to block the “searching of the proxies”.  If they do you cannot search for the lists of proxy sites.  For instance, if i am the administrator and the school is using the Netgear router like im using now.  I can just simply enter the keyword “proxy” or “proxies” and the students would not be able to access the sites whenever the page they are trying to access  have the word “proxy” or “proxies” in it, even by searching through search engine like google or yahoo.  So, write down a good list of proxies and always bring it with you.

We hope that we have answered your query on how to get on YouTube, Myspace, Facebook or Bebo at school.  Bypassing on your school computers can be a good know-how but remember to use it with caution as you don’t want to wind up losing your privileges to use computers or worse is to be expelled or suspended from school.

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