how to make youtube videos load fasterOftentimes, you will notice that once you hit the Play button when you try to play a certain video on YouTube, the video frequently stops. YouTube videos can sometimes upload at  snail’s pace especially if you have slow Internet connection. It can really be annoying to experience a tedious start-stop quality in YouTube.  We have here some of the tips on how  you can make YouTube videos load faster.

Upgrade Your PC’s Memory to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

The first and the most important tips that you can do to make the youtube videos load faster is  by upgrading your memory.  This will help to boost the performance of your PC and of course helps to buffer the  youtube videos faster.  During the buffering of the youtube videos, your PC has to put certain amount of stream into memory.  And if you don’t have enough memory, your PC has to use the virtual memory or you hard disk as a temporary RAM to store the youtube videos being buffered.  Reading and Writing data into memory is much faster compare to hard disk and also it will affect the overall performance of your PC,  so consider upgrading your memory if you want to make the Youtube Videos load faster.

If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed in your PC, it is recomended that you have at least 1 GB of Memory.  512 MB if you have Windows XP and 128MB for Millenium Edition and Windows 98.

If you don’t have time to upgrade your RAM, try closing all of the programs that you’re not using.  This will at least help to save memory thus helping to make the YouTube Videos load faster.

Use the SpeedBit Video Accelerator to Make the Videos Buffer Faster

Speedbit Video AcceleratorYou can install this SpeedBit Video Accelerator on your PC and experience a hassle-free feeling of watching your favorite YouTube videos. The software will make the videos buffer faster and play them without interruptions. The SpeedBit Video Accelerator helps to multi-connect your browser to specific streaming video server thus allowing the videos to download faster at the same time and making the videos play with fewer disruptions.  Click on the right image to see the diagram of the SpeedBit Video Accelerator and see how it helps tomake YouTube videos load faster.

Mozilla Firefox Tweak

If the browser you are using is Mozilla Firefox, you can change some  of its configurations through its about:config setting that has something to do with pipelining.  The easier way to do this is by downloading and installing the the FasterFox Mozilla Firefox Plugin.  This plugin helps to dramatically increase the speed of your Firefox .

Use the Fast Forward Option

YouTube has only just added a Fast Forward button in their player. Click on any part in the slider in the loading bar. The video will start playing from there.  By doing this you can save bandwidth and time.

Use the Pause Button

Playing the video while its buffering will only slow down the video’s buffer speed.  Much better if you just click the Pause button in YouTube and let the loading bar turn completely red which means that the video is fully loaded. After this, you can click the Play button and you can watch the video without interruption.  

With the options that we’ve given you, you don’t have to wait for a pretty long time to get the videos build up fast. So, we hope you can now enjoy watching fast loading YouTube videos.


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