Antivirus System Pro is not a real antivirus. This is a fake antivirus that you may get from downloading movie, codec, song, etc. or mostly from spam sites like the antivirsystem.com that is one among the sites that promoting this rogue software. If you always see annoying fake pop-up messages every time that you boot your PC then your computer might be infected by this fake antivirus. Antivirus System Pro can corrupt your files and can get important information from your PC. Once your computer is infected with Antivirus System Pro, the fake antivirus immediately scare the user by showing messages stating that your “PC is infected with viruses” asking you to click in a button for a quick scan of your computer to locate the viruses and will also keep asking you to buy the full version of their Antivirus System Pro. So, don’t buy it coz you already know that it’s not a real program that can protect your computer againts viruses. Just ignore those messages and remove the rogue anti-virus immediately.

Antivirus System Pro

How to know if your your PC is being infected by Antivirus System Pro

  • Slow system
  • Repeated fake pop-up messages like “Your computer is infected by spyware”
  • Sites that suddenly come up
  • When you see the Antivirusssystempro.exe process name once you press Ctrl + ALt + Del

How to remove the Antivirus System Pro

When i first encounter this rogue software and i never knew that it was a fake software what i did was just to uninstall the software using the add/remove program in control panel. But it was not effective because when i rebooted my PC the fake antivirus reinstalled itself again and started to display it’s annoying messages.

So the effective way to remove the Antivirus System Pro is by stopping the hidden processes (Antivirussystempro.exe), locating the hidden files then removing it. You also have to delete the registry keys installed by this rogue software.

Here are the files created under the %ProgramFiles%\Antivirus System PRO\ , To locate these files just go to your Program Files usually in Drive C: then locate the folder Antivirus System Pro.

  • conf.cfg
  • mbase.vdb
  • quarantine.vdb
  • queue.vdb
  • Antivirussystempro.exe
  • uninstall.exe

Note that you have to first press the Ctrl + Alt + Del in the keyboard and stop the process name Antivirussystempro.exe in order to remove or delete this file (Antivirussystempro.exe).

Here are the keys added by the Fake Antivirus in your Windows Registry

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Antivirus System PRO
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Antivirus System PRO
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Antivirus System PRO

Delete the files and keys in registry that were mentioned and you can get rid of this annoying virus. Another easier way to remove Antivirus System Pro is by installing the NVT Malware Remover Tool. Just install the application and perform a quick scan. Restart the PC when disinfection is completed.


Remember: Don’t purchase the full version of Antivirus System Pro,the goal of the developer of this fake antivirus is to trick you to buy their product to steal your hard earned money.


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