How to Speed up Computer Start up – One Way to Improve Start up Speed

windows starting upYou might notice that suddenly your PC appears slower than it used to be. Well, computers tend to get slower overtime because of various reasons including – software consuming big space disk, disorganized files, and a lot of programs which automatically run at start-up. These are just some of the issues which can cause your computer a slow performance.

Okay, so you ask if there are ways to speed up computer. You’ve come to the right post because fortunately, yes, there are ways to speed up computer.  But in this post we’ll only show you one sure way to speed up the start up of your PC.

How to Improve the Start up Speed of your PC.

One factor that is considered a barrier to your computer’s start up time is the unnecessary programs that start automatically once you boot your PC.   Some of these programs set themselves to run in the background and appear quickly when needed.  Oftentimes, these programs also let you know that they’re running on the background by showing an icon. You may not notice that your computer is slowing down, but as your PC runs, in reality these autostart programs use amounts of memory from your computer.  So one way to increase the speed is to remove those unnecessary programs that you’re not using.  By doing this, you can save memory and also reducing the CPU processes during your computer boot up, thus effectively increase the performance of your PC during boot up.

Here’s how you can remove the unnecessary programs:

  1. Click the Start menu, then click Run, and type in “Msconfig”, then hit OK.
  2. A System Configuration Utility Window will appear. Click the Start up tab.
  3. The Start up tab will show you a list of the programs that are set to run once the Windows XP boot.
  4. Improve your Start up speed by unchecking the checked items which you think you don’t need upon Start up. The more items checked the slower the Start up speed.
  5. Click Apply and then restart your PC to see the changes.

Also check this startup folder for unnecessary programs, follow this instruction…

  1. Click on the Start Menu.
  2. Select “Programs”.
  3. Then, right click on the “startup” under “Programs”.
  4. Windows explorer would appear, now delete the links to unnecessary applications.

That is how easy and simple it is to improve your computer’s start up speed.   As we said, this is just one way to improve your PC’s boot time.  On our next post about PC tips, we’ll show you more of the tips on how you can improve the start up speed of your computer as well as it’s overall performance.

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  1. In addition, running the disk defragmenter also helps speed startup. Boot takes longer on a fragmented drive and slowdowns can be prevented if defrag is done regularly besides keeping the startup list trim.

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