how to translate a web pageBeing an English Online Teacher to foreign students, particularly Korean students, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t be able to understand you most of the time especially the kids who wanted to learn English as a foreign language. And oftentimes, you couldn’t help but run out of words to explain what you wanted to say to your students. This thing doesn’t just happen to teachers as even you can experience this one.

The widely-used of the Internet is not just for people who have English as their native language. You may also notice that some web pages are posted using other people’s native languages. This may be a problem, especially if you’re dying to know what the content of the page is. But you never have to sulk anymore because there is a way wherein you can translate those texts to your native language for free.

We have prepared some instructions on how to translate a web page. Here’s how:

  • You have to find out what language the web page is really in. You can look at the last part of the URL to know the country code of some non-English websites.
  • Go over to the text that you want to translate and then highlight it by holding the left mouse button down. Another way to highlight is by using the computer shortcut key which is “CTRL + A.”
  • You can copy the text by right-clicking and choosing “Copy.” You can also copy the text by using the shortcut “CTRL + C.”
  • Open a new tab in your browser and go to www.translate.google.com or www.babelfish.yahoo.com . The Google Translate and Yahoo Babel Fish are some of the free online translation tools which can help you translate a web page.
  • In the translation box, paste the copied web page texts by right-clicking and choosing “Paste” or by using “CTRL + V.”
  • You have to choose the language that you need to translate from, and then the language that you need to translate to (e.g. Romanian to Estonian or English to Chinese) and then hit the “Translate” button. You can choose from an array of languages such as Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, and Haitian Creole. Translated text will now appear in the language you wanted to read.

Translating a web page text is really simple, right? We hope that the instructions have given you more chances to put the World Wide Web into your hands.


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