Have you asked yourself if there is a way to “view my house via satellite”? Well, the answer is yes. “How can I view my house via satellite?” you ask. Apparently, to see images of your house via satellite is just one click away through the Internet. Here’s how.

View Buildings, Houses, or Any Places via Satellite using Google Maps

view house via satellite using google mapPerhaps, the most common Internet tool you can make use of to see images of your house via satellite is the free website brought to us by Google – the Google Maps. To go to Google Maps, you can key-in their website http://maps.google.com.  After you have accessed the site, you’ll be given a view of the United States. You can find different viewing selections on the upper right hand corner of the map.  Since you wanted to see your house via satellite, click on the “Satellite” option.

Now, you can key-in your query for either a specific or generic name of a place. Hit Enter and the map will show it to you. You will then see a layout of the place. Play with the map by grabbing or moving it around using the viewfinder. Try zoom in the map more so you can get a better view of the place you are looking for.

View Buildings, Houses, or Any Places via Satellite using Google Earth

view house via satellite using google earthIn order to get a satellite imagery of a place you wanted to see, you can also make use of yet another helpful tool – the Google Earth. However, this tool still needs to be downloaded and installed to your PC.

The Google Earth utilizes a 3D version of the planet. Same as the Google Map, to see your house you will need to zoom in and out and there, you can now see your house. In addition, the Google Earth has plugins which shows other features of the Earth such as landmarks to locate the place easily.

To view your house, there are also other Internet tools which you can use apart from Google Maps and Google Earth. Some of which are Yahoo Maps, MSN Maps, etc. But based on experience, Google has shown more up to date images compared to the other tools.


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