how to protect files and folders with filesecretsConcerned about how you can protect confidential files and folders? Are you asking how you can protect those critical files and no one’s going to notice the existence of those files?

Now you can secure your data and protect confidential files and folders and even hide them through the use of the free software named FileSecrets.

Although Windows has a feature which allows us to configure a setting that will give the PC users rights to access some files and folders, you still wouldn’t be peaceful as your documents can still be easily changed by other PC users that have right access on your files.  So if you want to protect your confidential documents and folders or better yet hide them, then you can try FileSecrets.

FileSecrets is free software which lets you protect your files from unauthorized access.  It is simple and light application, yet an effective means to protect confidential files and folders. Aiming to secretly secure your documents, this tool will surely help you not to give any idea to other users of your computer on how you have protected your documents.  Much more is that they won’t even notice that such document exists.  FileSecrets is supported and compatible with Windows XP / Windows 7/ Vista / 2008 / 2003.

filesecrets for files folders security

So what can you do with the FileSecrets? Well, the FileSecrets have the following preference based on your protection needs:

  1. Deny Access to File or Folder – This feature will help you control access of a specific file or folder from any user or application. When using this option, locked files and folders will be accessed only until you have disabled its entry from FileSecrets GUI.
  2. Deny Modify to File or Folder– If you want to share your documents, you can make use of this option. But this helps you restrict a person to do any alteration or delete a file.  This option can also be of use at times when you want to secure your files from any Trojan infections and yet leaving them accessible.
  3. Password Protection– This software is password protected. When someone runs the application, the user will be asked for the password you set.
  4. FileSecrets GUI– Simple graphic user interface to add files and folders you want to secure as well as what type of protection.
  5. Hide the File or Folder– use this when hiding your documents and folders from any application. It will be hidden in a way as if your file does not exist in the file system. By doing this, users will not be able to view your files.

I guess these options have given you many useful tips on how to protect confidential files and folders. So, now just go and get the FreeSecrets file already and experience what it can actually do for you.

Download FileSecrets


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