canon printer used and recycled ink cartridgeIf you wanted to save money for our printing jobs, then you might opt for the refurbished cartridges.  It’s because of the fact that they are convenient to be bought, and environment friendly.  But are refurbished ink cartridges for printers good? While refurb ink cartridges may not be appropriate for vital printing projects, somehow it may be ideal for home use.


Refurbished ink cartridges or what other people sometimes call as remanufactured / reconditioned cartridges are actually talks about used ink cartridges that will be refilled with ink in order to be used again.

Ok, let’s break into details and see whether refurbished cartridges are any good or bad.

Advantages :

Due to its low price, refurb ink cartridges are really becoming an option to a lot of consumers.  If best manufactured, refilled ones oftentimes offer the same quality as the other brand-new units.  It also come packing in the same sets as the original which you can buy way cheaper.  Aside from the money saving scheme, they are also environment friendly. How ? Reconditioning them prevent adding up more nonbiodegradable wastes to landfills.

Refilling can also be a do-it-yourself method, that’s why it is also convenient. Furthermore, rebuilt ink cartridges are widely available.  They are no longer sold in select items, but they are almost everywhere so consumers do not have to worry if there isn’t any shop near them because they can even make orders online.

Disadvantages :

Of course, refurbished cartridges also have downsides.  At times, it  tend to be a little messy. There are times, too, when they fail to work. Others also say that refilled ones have a tendency to harm the print head which in return damages the main board as well.

Moreover, since a lot has been selling remanufactured ink cartridges especially those who are not too well-known, the quality can be compromised. Or when you have purchased them online, you won’t really know how full they are.  By these, it may be a little too late and the cost to repair those mistakes might exceed so the money saved is not worth at all.

Conclusion :

While it may be hard to decide whether refurbished ink cartridges are good or bad, maybe then we can just make some considerations when purchasing them. Say, be practical about your needs for rebuilt cartridges. If you are in need of a top of the line printing job, then it’s better not to gamble on using these.  But if you will only have it for household printing or a bulk of financial reports, then it would be perfect to use refurbished ink.

Lastly, if you are going to purchase, make sure that you buy from a reliable party.  Doing this will not only help you spare money, but will also allow you to purchase one that has met the standards of an OEM cartridge.

That’s it. We hope that this post has helped you with your query regarding refurbished inkjet cartridges.


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