Provo Craft is known for making innovations to make special events or even daily lives extra special through their die cut machine and printer rolled into one.  Though it’s not something new, as the creator itself has already boasted one like this, Provo Craft has added another single and easy to use device that will help one cut and print and add dimensions to our favorite desserts like never before.  Having said these, let’s welcome the newest addition to the company’s line – the Cricut Cake Printer.

Cricut Cake Printer

Originally, yes the Cricut Cake is a printer.  It has a cutting head as an alternative to ink cartridges which then cuts template and patterns once a sheet of paper is fed.  With this, you can cut food materials like cake, chocolate, frosting sheets, soft candies, etc. Specs and features-wise, this fantastically made machine offers the following:

  • Cricut Cake Machine
  • Blade Assembly
  • Cake Basics Cartridge
  • Keypad Overlay
  • 12” x 12” Cutting Mat
  • Cartridge Plug
  • Cartridge Skirt
  • User Manual
  • Getting to Know Your Cricut Cake Machine CD Rom

The wonderful innovation, Cricut Cake printer, is already available in a variety of retail stores at a price of $399.99.  Interested consumers can also watch out for it when it goes on sale in Amazon for $269.83 inclusive of free shipping.


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