How to Refill an HP Ink CartridgeSome people think that ink refill damages printers or in a way loses the quality of printers. But did you know, refilling cartridges is actually safe and doesn’t compromise the printing quality of your documents as long as your cartridge isn’t damaged? In addition, it is actually cheaper that is why you won’t have to shed a couple of bucks from your pockets to buy a new one.

Okay, others might have had a little trouble with refilling their cartridges, but it is all a matter of doing the right method. That’s why if you are one of the persons mentioned, then you’ve come to the right post as in this article we’ll give you tips on how to refill an HP cartridge.  Continue reading …

How to Refill / Recharge an HP Ink Cartridge

  1. Refilling an HP cartridge is potential for creating a mess that’s why you have to be certain that the area you are working on is safe. You can work on the sink or try to cover the area with towels or rags which you don’t mind getting a spill on.
  2. Make use of a medical syringe to inject the fresh ink refill into the cartridge. Sometimes, a non-medical syringe is available in the inkjet refill kit that you have purchased.
  3. Wipe it first, seeing that you have removed the solidified ink.
  4. Look for the filling hole in the empty cartridge which you are about to refill. Oftentimes you’ll find it on top and is sometimes under the sticker in your cartridge. Manufacturers and suppliers of toner cartridges have left us a hole to refill the cartridges.
  5. With your syringe, take 10ml of the correct ink that you’re going to refill. Check the capacity of ink that you’re HP cartridge can allow per chamber.
  6. Now, insert the needle of the syringe into the hole of the cartridge. Inject the ink slowly to the filling hole being careful that the ink does not come out of the hole.
  7. Reseal the sticker or the plastic film cover on the hole of the cartridge and place the cartridge to the holder.  Squeeze the cartridges and a small amount of ink should leak from the print head.
  8. Remove the cartridge holder and wipe the cartridge in a vertical motion with a tissue paper. Allow it to stand with the printhead down to draw out unnecessary ink and stabilize the pressure in the cartridge.
  9. You can now insert the HP cartridge back to your printer.  Try to print a test page and when you’re able to read what you have printed and achieved the desired color, then you are done refilling.

Its just simple, right?  We hope that we’ve helped you with the instructions that we’ve written in this post. If you still find it a little complicated, make sure that you ask someone who has a vast knowledge on how to recharge an HP ink cartridge. Good luck!


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