How to Save Printer Ink and Make it Last Longer

how to save printer ink and make it last longerPrinter ink can be quite expensive and it feels devastating at times when you need to print something important. Also, you may have settled for some ink cartridges expecting to cut down on costs, but ended up just ruining your printer. And now, you ask yourself how to save printer ink and make it last longer.

Actually the issue is not about how to save money or buy cheaper printer ink.  It’s about how to save printer ink and make it last longer. And yes, there are strategies that you can observe so you can limit your expenses on buying ink cartridges.

How to Save Printer Ink and Make it Last Longer

  • Update your printer’s settings before printing your documents.  You can opt for setting the print quality to “Draft” or what other PCs call “Quick Print.”  You can also set the color to “Grayscale.”  Doing these settings are good for printing out documents which are not so important and this way you will just use half as much toner as the regular print.
  • To save printer toner, avoid using thick fonts and bolds.  These texts require too much ink when you print them.  Moreover, use smaller font size.  But if you want to save more, then try the Ecofont.  The Ecofont is a free Internet tool which uses twenty percent less ink or toner compared to the usual font.
  • Before printing your documents, make sure that you’ve read what you’re going to print.  Try to delete unnecessary texts and ads that will add up to the consumption of your printer ink.
  • How long does laser printer toner last, you ask.   To be sure that your laser printer ink will last longer, it is recommended that you shake the ink cartridge so that you can get the last bit of toner out of the cartridge.
  • Lastly, you can try some ink saver software like the GreenPrint.  This free Internet software is compatible with Windows and Mac.  The software scans print jobs and helps you get rid of unwanted pages to avoid potential waste of printer ink.

We hope that the tips we have given you will help you not to shell out big costs when buying on printer ink store as well as making your printer ink last longer.

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