How is BlackBerry Phone Different from Other Phones?

How is BlackBerry Phone Different from Other PhonesBecause of Apple’s iPhone and Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry, the mobile market is filled with smartphones such as Windows, HTC, and Samsung mobile smartphones. Everywhere you go, you’ll see group of people with these mobile devices on their hands.

While the top seller among the flock is the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry isn’t left behind since it continues to become so popular among the league of smartphones. What is with this mobile phone anyways? How is BlackBerry phone dfferent from other phones? Check out the rest of the article to find out the answer.

What Makes BB Smartphone is a Great Option?

Keeping up with business and personal life – this is I believe the reason why BlackBerries exist. Below are some of the reasons why BlackBerry is a thing to consider when looking out for a smartphone.

  1. It utilizes the push technology where your emails, documents, and calendar entries are transferred on your phone through the Internet. Thanks to BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) which makes it possible. Access to your e-mail is really convenient.
  2. Web browsing works flawlessly!
  3. The BlackBerry cellphones have the most secured operating system which can be hard to hack compared to other devices.
  4. Its QWERTY keyboard makes it easier for users to text faster without straining their fingers.
  5. Say hello to BlackBerry Apps. The BlackBerry App World contains several games and other features which can be downloaded onto your BB.

If you are looking for a mobile phone suitable for communications and business activities, then all types of BlackBerry smartphones are great consideration. Hope this has helped!

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Specs and Price

blackberry curve 8520 specs and priceAlthough the BlackBerry Curve 8520 has been released years ago, this used-to-be entry level smartphone by Research in Motion (RIM) is still sparking some interests to many mobile users. Code named Gemini, this boasts a QWERTY keypad which is encased in a glossy and sleek body.  Moreover, what it brags is its new optical track pad which is touch sensitive thus replacing the conventional trackball seen in many BB mobile phones.

Apart from the new optical and responsive trackpad, another asset of the smartphone is its QWERTY messaging keyboard which allows you to type faster without putting so much hassle on your fingertips. It also comes with an easy to navigate MP3 player and add to it that the smartphone is lightweight.

Users can enjoy this BB 8520 its mobile e-mail alongside good connectivity. It gets 256MB internal memory. Moreover, it comes pre-installed with 2GB microSD card which you can upgrade up to 32GB. The downside is that the camera is basic with its 2 megapixel resolution and the handset lacks some high-end features which you can compare to other smartphones. Here’s a quick list of the BlackBerry 8520 specs and price.

BB 8520 – Specifications and Cost

  • Dimensions: 109x 60x 13.9mm
  • Weight: 106 grams
  • 2MP camera with 5x digital zoom
  • Video camera
  • Music player (MP3, AAC, WMA formats)
  • 256 MB internal memory; up to 32GB microSD
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, 3.5mm stereo headset
  • GPRS, EDGE, and Web Browser for Internet
  • Talktime: 4.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 400 hours

The BlackBerry 8520 smartphone is currently priced at a cost of P10, 000 in the Philippines.