How to Know Who Views Your Facebook

How to Know Who Views Your FacebookIf you used to be hanging on the shut-down networking site Friendster or on mySpace, then you can easily say who’s viewing your profile. Remember, there’s the “Who’s Viewed You” button which you can just click and tada – you see who views your profile.

But in Facebook, however, it is a different issue! Many are left wondering if there is a way on how to know who views your Facebook. Or maybe, you’re asking how often your profile is viewed. Learn more about the answers by reading the rest of the article.

How Do You Know Who Looks at Your FB Profile

Unfortunately, the answer is No. the guys from Facebook are actually saying that they do not provide any functions on how to tell who looks through your timeline including your private or public photos.

On the other hand, there are some applications who have surfaced the Internet which claims you can actually do so. Such includes the Facebook Stalker Check where you will allow the application to run on your profile and you’ll see a list of friends who stalks at your FB profile. There’s also the My Top Fans app which promises to do the same. Only that the results of these applications are dependent on the friend who interacts with you the most like who comments and hit likes on your status frequently.

And so to say, sadly there isn’t any way at all on how you can actually tell who the viewer of your timeline is. But for an added fun, then why don’t you just try the abovementioned third party apps and find out the friend who interacts with you the most. Enjoy!