How to Pasaload in Globe

how to pasaload in globeHow to pasaload in globe – this has been one of the most common questions that Globe network users has wanted to know. In fact, instructions on how it can be done are highly searched in the Internet. Really, how do you transfer prepaid credits globe to globe or globe to Tm subscribers? Well, here’s how.

Globe’s Pasaload – What it is and Procedure

The process of sharing prepaid credits between Globe phones is known as Share-A-Load. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  1. Starting off with the transaction, create a message and key in the prepaid load that you wish to share. Say, you want to share P15 peso worth of load.
  2. Send the message to “2” plus the mobile user’s Globe/TM 10-digit mobile number. Example, send to 2917XXXXXXX.
  3. Wait for the confirmation that you’ve successfully transferred prepaid credits to your loved one. On the other hand, the person whom you shared load to will also be prompted that he has been loaded with a specific load.
  4. The load is successfully shared, and you’ll be charged P1 as transaction fee.

Here’s a list of the denominations available for transfer as well as their expiry date:

Load Amounts                   Expiration

P1-10                                     3 days

P11-19                                  15 days

P20-29                                  15 days

P30-30                                  15 days

P40-49                                  15 days

P50                                         15 days

P51-59                                  30 days

P60-69                                  30 days

P70-79                                  30 days

P80-89                                  30 days

P90-99                                  30 days

P100                                      30 days

P101-119                              45 days

P120-150                              45 days

P300                                      75 days

P500                                      120 days

There’s some exclusivity to sharing a load though. For instance, the P300-500 denomination can only be sent by Globe Postpaid subscribers. But there you go. Your loved one won’t ever run out of prepaid credits since you can always make use of Globe’s Share-A-Load. Hope this has helped!