how to fix “Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator”

enable or disabled registry editor

If you’re always using the registry editor to edit the settings of your computer then you must have encountered this message “Registry Editing has been disabled by your administrator” when you run the regedit command. One reason for this might be that the administrator has disabled this tool or it might also caused by the virus which is the common reason. Usually, the programmers of these viruses disabled the registry editor because they don’t want the users to remove the viruses’ settings on the registry editor. They also disabled the task manager. So, how do you enable the registry editor? Here’s how

Tools to Enable Registry Editor

regtools.vbs – this is a VBscript that enables and disables the registry editor. Download the file, run it, and restart your computer then try opening the registry editor.

Registry Fix – This software lets you easily fix the registry with just one click. Just Download the File, run it and click the “fix registry” button and then try opening you registry editor.  I found this file from

Enabling the Registry Editor using GPEDIT.MSC

you could also fix the registry through gpedit.msc or group policy editor. Just login if you can access the administrative user account then follow the steps below.

  1. Click Start Button then RUN
  2. Type GPEDIT.MSC and hit enter
  3. Go to User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System
  4. Double click on “Prevent Access to Registry Editing Tools” in the setting window.
  5. Select Disable or Not Configured and click OK

Reboot your computer and try to run the registry editor.

That’s how easy to re-enable the regedit or registry editor. Hope this helps !