Samsung NF210 and SF510 Notebook Released in India

Samsung NF210 Notebook

Back in September, we’ve heard Samsung unveiled the SF and NF series as addition to their pipeline.  And now, Samsung which is among the global brand names to make it big in the technology sector have finally launched the company’s series of portable computing markets in the Indian market.  it is said that these machines […]

Samsung SF Series Laptops and NF Series Netbooks

Samsung SF Series Laptops and NF Series Netbooks

Samsung has unveiled new lines of portable PCs – the Samsung SF Series laptops and NF Series netbooks.  The company has released a total of six units under the two new lines.  These newcomers targets to meet the end-users expectation regarding performance and appearance as the series features a “shark”like design and is enclosed in […]

Samsung N210 Plus Crystal Netbook

Samsung N210 Plus Crystal Netbook

Samsung has introduced a new netbook under the Pine Trail-based category, and the machine is dubbed as the Samsung N210 Plus Crystal Netbook. Coming from the second largest company of gadgets innovation, the Samsung N210 comes packing with cool features that consumers can see for a netbook – Bluetooth 3.0 and a battery life which […]

Samsung’s Transparent AMOLED Laptop

Samsung 14 inch Transparent Laptop with contrast ratio of 100000:1

We’re getting closer to the technology that we often see only in the movie such as holographic images and transparent screens that we saw in Avatar the movie.  In a few months we may be seeing futuristic transparent laptop in the shops as Samsung is planning to release their 14 inch transparent OLED display laptop […]

Samsung Unveils N110 and N120

Samsung unveils N110 and N120 Netbooks and already available in the U.S. today. The new N110 and N120 are currently available via the company’s website and various online retailers. As of the differences between the N110 and the N120 netbooks, The N120 is slightly larger than the N110, and when comes to keyboard, the Samsung […]