Sharp Aquos Quattron with QuadPixel Technology

All of the LCD TV that we have today including your old colored TV use only 3 colors of light, The RED, GREEN, and BLUE in order to display different colors on the screen.  This primary colors are combined at different levels  to display the desired output with millions of possible colors.

Sharp recently introduced their latest LCD TV with QuadPixel technology –  The Sharp Aquos Quattron.  Sharp’s Engineers have figured out how to add  the fourth primary color which is YELLOW.  So, this HDTV uses RGBY instead of the standard RGB primary colors.  By adding the 4th pixel color, sharp was able to expand the color gamut and enable the screen to display more than 1 trillion of colors.  Golden yellow of brass instruments that are difficult to display using conventional conventional LCD can be displayed easily in Sharp Aquos Quattron with Quadpixel Technology.

sharp aquos quattron with quad pixel technology
Sharp is going to release 3 Quadpixel TVs this May 2010, the LE920 Full-HD 1080p LCD TV Series will be available in different sizes measuring 52-inch priced at $3,300, 60-inch priced at $4,099 and the 68-inches priced at $6,499.