How to Pasaload in Smart

how to pasaload in smartIf Globe has its Share-A-Load, Smart Network in the Philippines also offers service where you can send some prepaid credits to other Smart Buddy SIM users. The act is known as Pasaload and this has been frequently used by many subscribers. With the lowest denomination of P2, your loved one will never run out of load credits. How to pasaload in Smart, you ask? Here’s how you can do it then.

Smart Pasaload Instruction

The Smart Pasaload procedure is very easy to do. You only have to create a message and key the Smart number which you wish to “pasa” you load to. Once you’re done, text in the load amount which you wish to pass and send to 808. The text message should look like this:

0918XXXXXXX 2 and send to 808

Smart’s pasaload can be used to transfer Smart load from Smart to TNT or Red Mobile.  In addition, the sender will be charged the amount sent plus P1 for each transaction.

What are the Smart Load Denominations

Load Amount                     Expiration or Validity

P2                                           3 days

P5                                           3 days

P10                                         3 days

P15                                         15 days

P20                                         15 days

P30                                         15 days

P60                                         30 days

P100                                      30 days

P200                                      60 days

Unfortunately, the P100 and P200 denominations may only be used by Postpaid users. Moreover, one can still available of the pasaload services even while on roaming. Extra charges may be applied depending on the network though.  There are also some retailers who are capable of making pasaload online.  They allow you to send load from the Internet. Other terms apply though.