Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66

Are you looking for a hidden camera spying gadget, a spying tools that is hardly ever going to notice by a person being spied upon.  Check out this Hidden Camera Spy Clock CVSD-I66.  This one is perfect if you want to caught your loved one if he/she is cheating while you’re away or to spy […]

SAS Spy Pen Camera

sas spy pen camera

Many people have opted to the use of hidden cameras as a medium to keep an eye on other people who won’t do any good.  Though others see it as an invasion of privacy, we can still consider it as a justified action meant to protect wellness of other people.  There is an array of […]

Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder - World's Smallest Digital Camera

Like the JTT Chobi Cam that we posted earlier, the Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder is also very small.  It is the world’s smallest digital camera in the market today.  Its very small that you could probably swallow this device.  If you are a private detective, then you might want to consider buying this small gadget.  Just drill […]

Thanko USB Wireless Web Camera

thanko usb wireless transmitter and receiver webcam

Thanko has just released their new USB wireless Web Camera.   This USB wireless Web camera can be used up to a maximum distance of 10 meters.  The webcam has a transmitter and tiny antenna that send out the 2.4 GHz signal, it also has a built-in battery that can last up to 5 hours.  The […]