How to Pasaload in Sun Cellular

how to pasaload in sun cellularSun Cellular, one of the largest companies in wireless communication, isn’t left behind when it comes to passing load credits in the Philippines.  They, too, has the service known as Give-A-Load as a response to Globe’s Share-A-Load and Smart’s Pasaload.

This way, Sun SIM users will be able to share load to other SUN users. However, how to pasaload in Sun cellular has been another top query. how exactly is the procedure done? Learn more by reading below.

Procedure for Sun Cell’s Give-A-Load

For as low as P10 and a limit of P50, Sun subscribers can make use of the service and send load to a specific Sun number. Its expiration varies depending on the specific amount sent. This may also be availed by Postpaid users and a transaction fee of P1 is charged per successful transaction.  To pasa load and enjoy the promo, create a message and text in the amount you wish to share. This should be followed by a space and text in the 11-digit mobile number. Once you’re done, send the message to 2292.

In short, your message should look like this: 50 0922XXXXXXX and send to 2292.

Denominations in Sun Cellular

Load Amounts                   Expiry Date

10-19 Php                            1 day

20-29 Php                            2 days

30-49 Php                            3 days

50 Php                                  7 days

If you’re the one who ran out of load, you can also request from a Sun user by typing in GIMME followed by the 11-digit number of the person you’re asking for load and send to 2293. Other concerns may be obtained by texting in HELP and sending it to 2292.

Give-A-Load in Sun cellular is an extremely easy task to do. Now, your loved ones do not have any excuses to make when they ran out of balance since you can always pass load to them or they can always ask a load from you. Good luck!