How to Unli Call and Text in Globe

how to unli call and text in globeWe, Filipinos, have developed the habit of texting our loved ones almost instantly. It is actually said that billions of messages are sent every day in the Philippines. Therefore, it isn’t any wonder that our country is tagged as the text messaging capital of the world.

With the newly developed culture of sending text messages to our friends and loved ones, many telecommunications companies have actually offered a couple of promos to help their subscribers communicate endlessly with their loved ones.  Say, Globe’s unlimited call and text. And apparently, how to unli call and text in Globe has been one of the many questions that many subscribers have been asking. Hmm, how to go about registration to get unlimited text and unlimited call? Here’s how.


Globe introduces SUPERUNLI25 where it allows the prepaid users to have unlimited calls and texts to Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers, all for 1 day. To register, just follow this instruction:

  • Create a message and text in SUPERUNLI25 and send it to 8888.

The promo will cost you P25/ day and you need to maintain a balance of P1 to enjoy the service.

Although the company doesn’t offer unlimited texting and calling for 5 days, Globe consumers can avail of a service called SUPERUNLI150 to enjoy endless calls and texts for P150/ 7 days. Just text in SUPERUNLI150 and send it to 8888.

You can also visit the nearest Globe offices in your area if you wish to apply for Postpaid plan which lets you experience unlimited calls and texts Globe to Globe/ TM for only P499 a month. Other promos include unlimited texting to all networks, so make sure to ask them what plan fits you. Hope this has helped!