M2M is a niche that has recently changed into a widely-used technology. In its fundamental state, M2M allows two devices to communicate with each other; provided they have similar capabilities. Comcast internet service has branched out in order to offer M2M to the masses. A sensory device or a chip is usually integrated into a […]

What is Metro Ethernet? The term ‘Metro Ethernet’ refers to the use of Ethernet technology for internet and intranet connections in a metropolitan area. The Ethernet technology supports high bandwidths and fast data transfer speeds. This is achieved by the Ethernet stations communicating by the transfer of individual data blocks or packets. Most common in […]

Tablet computers are a hybrid of the classic PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and a mobile phone. It is in short a computer that is ‘mobile’ with no keyboards or any other computer hardware attached to it. With a sensitive touch screen, tablet computers have an onscreen keyboard and some use a stylus pen for navigation […]