toshiba ux600 cinema series hdtv

Toshiba just announced their new UX600 Cinema Series LED-backlit HDTVs, This LCD TV is something different from any other HDTVs that Toshiba announced this 2010 because UX600 Cinema Series is equipped with WiFi adapter which enable it to also function as a NET TV allowing you to access Youtube, Pandora, VUDU (lets you access to […]

Toshiba ZX900 Series CELL TV

toshiba's zx900 CELL LED TV with 2d to 3d conversion

Watch everything in 3D with Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV. Just recently unveiled at the CES 2010, this Toshiba ZX900 CELL TV is like an HDTV and a Media Center in one.  It has powerful processor that converts 2D content into 3D in real time.  With the power of CELL processor and the new KIRA2 combined, […]