It is still saddening to know that up to this day a lot of women still become victims to sick perverts who are so obsessed with sex.  We never can tell until when we are going to face the issue of rape, afterall it has been a forgotten issue especially in some regions where high rates of rape are experienced.

A couple of anti-rape devices have been invented for the intention of putting a stop to rape. There were the female chastity belts in the fifteenth century.  But because of the growing concerns against rape, Sonnet Ehlers, a South African woman who works as a blood technician, come up with the modern day innovation named as the Rape-aXe condom.

Anti-rape Device  - Rape-Axe Female Condom

This anti-rape condom has latex sheath implanted with  sharp razor blades that a woman wears in her vagina- like that of a tampon. If an attacker attempts an entry to female’s private part, his pén¡š would enter the condom and will be gripped by the sharp barbs. This will give the offender an agonizing feeling of pain during withdrawal and at the same time allowing the rape victim to escape. The Rape-aXe condom can only be removed through surgery preventing him from raping or doing anything else with his pén¡š, thus alerting the hospital and police which may lead to his arrest.

The rape-aXe condom doesn’t do any harm or pain on the woman’s body. Sonnet Ehlers also highlighted that these anti-rape condoms don’t draw blood hence preventing transmission of HIV, and other sexually transmitted diseases.  This is also a good prevention against pregnancy.

Though this anti-rape device has been unleashed in 2005, there is still a lot of confusion as to whether it’s already for sale and where one can avail it.


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