Bacteria used to store data by Chinese Researchers

Bacteria used to store dataWe know how devastating the effect of having viruses on our computer is. Moreover, the disruption in our daily activities caused by different PC viruses can get us really annoyed. Though there are a lot of virus scans already available promising to end the battle of infected computers, researchers continue to look for other ways on how to fight off the bad thing on your PCs. With that said, let’s take a look at the study of some researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

According to the Chinese researchers, the bacteria found in your computer can actually be a good thing in the near future.  Using a colony of the E. coli bacteria, the team demonstrated a cool way of using the E. coli to store data which can be encrypted through the use of a site-specific genetic recombination.  The 18-cell bacteria colony was actually able to store enough data that the Declaration of Independence need.  Moreover, 1 GB of bacteria would actually be able to store 90GB of data when scaled up.

The research is in fact exciting to see how it would work. However, we could only hear news for it now as it’s obviously way too ready to be actually used on your PC.  Possible deleted data as well as retrieval of them needs a sequencer which can actually cause you to shell off some of your resources.  Finally, the bacteria used in the technique may mutate thus destroying the data stored on your machine.

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  1. This is really a outstanding news.
    Te data storage in an living organism and retrieving it is an great research in deed.
    It looks just like an science fiction concept.

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