Would you like to have free energy home generator that produces 100% Free electricity for your Home. Sound impossible but it’s true. This Free Energy Zero Point Home Magnetic Generator is powerful enough to run all your appliances in your house and totally runs by itself without any outside energy sources.

According to inventor, this is a top secret that government didn’t open to the public. Of course, if the public knows about the magnet motor free energy then everyone will just build this free energy home generator and that only means loss of income to power company and also to government. Watch and find out why free energy devices are banned for public usage in the youtube video below:

The zero point magnetic generator uses magnetic force to generate electricity then recycle the power so it runs without stopping, that means non-stop supply of free electricity for your house.

It works something like this:

Free Energy Zero Point Home Magnetic Generator

If you think that its impossible, then watch the video below. John Christie & Lou Brits have a device that generate electricity in the youtube video below .

John Christie free energy home generator generates 24 Kilowatt of energy using only the battery to kick start the motor. They worked with this motor for about 6 years and planning to sell this technology in the future for about $5000.

The inventor has created an easy-to-follow guide that will show you how to create Free Energy Home Generator. They simplified the motor and can be built using cheap materials which only cost about $100.

You can reduce your power bill by up to 50% or even completely using the magniwork free home energy generator. Visit the official website.


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