Google Earth is a very useful application tool to see places around the globe. Now, it got a new feature that lets the users to see the weather in real time.  You can now see the rain and snow and even the hurricanes in the latest 5.2 version of Google Earth.

This is a very useful feature when you want to know the weather in the place that you would like to visit.   You can just check out the weather using this latest version 5.2 and you would be able to see the projected images of rain and snow if you are zooming it close enough.

Google Earth 5-2 Now Shows Rain and Snow in Real Time

Sadly though, the weather feature is only limited in some area as of this time.  North America and Europe only.   But i think it wont take long before Google

In order to see the weather in realtime, just open the the Google Earth and just activate the cloud layer.  You also have to enable the radar layer if you want check out if the feature is available in one particular area.


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