how to connect nintendo wii to tv In our earlier post, we’ve discussed about “what does Wii stands for in Nintendo Wii“.  This time, we’re going to give you a tutorial on how to connect Nintendo Wii to TV to enjoy its full use. Okay, we wanted you to take full advantage of your Nintendo Wii. So, how are we going to do it?  Preferably, you can connect it to your TV or HD TV, and once you’re done setting it up, you can experience endless fun with your Nintendo Wii.

The traditional thing to do after you’ve taken everything out from your newly-bought Nintendo Wii is to plug it and play. Similar to most up to date game consoles, it is simple to connect the Wii to your TV sets.

How do you connect Nintendo Wii to your TV? Just follow the simple instructions that we’ve prepared for you:

Figure out where to place your Wii. The first thing to do is to settle on where you are going to put your Nintendo Wii. It is suggested that it must be near an electrical outlet and also near to your TV. You must also figure out whether you want your Nintendo Wii to lay flat or in a vertical position. If you’re going to lay it flat, you are now ready to connect the cables. But if you want to lay it vertically, use the Wii console stand and attach the Wii console plate to it.

Connect the Cables to Nintendo Wii. You have to make a link of the cables to the Wii. There are three Nintendo component cables that set connection to the Wii. The first one is the AC Adapter known as the power cord; the Audio/ Video (A/V) having three colored plugs on one end; and the Sensor Bar which sensors the wireless controllers to the network. Each plug has a distinct shape that is why each will fit in only one port. The power cord should be plugged into the largest of the three ports. Then, plug the Sensor Bar to the small red port. Plug the A/V cable to the last remaining port. The Sensor bar should be placed on top of your TV and should be centered in the middle so that it is in plain view of where you are going to stand while playing.

Connect the Nintendo Wii to your TV. To do so, find the A/V Cable (yellow, white and red colored). Plug the yellow colored cable to the Video Output. The White colored should be plugged to the Left Input and the red to the Right Input. The sockets are normally found on the back of the TV. However, you might also locate them either on the side or front.

Plug in your Wii. Just plug the power cord into a power strip. Press the console’s power button and a green light will appear on the power button.

Insert the batteries into the remote.Put two AA-sized batteries. Then, close the battery cover and pull the remote jacket back on.

Play with your Wii. Just turn on your TV and insert a game disc of the console. Push the start button on the control. Follow the instructions on the screen to begin playing your choice of game. After you’ve answered all the questions, you can now click the START button and you’re ready to play away!

We hope that you have found this post useful and that we have answered your concerns on how to connect Wii to TV sets. Have an endless fun playing with your Wii! ☺


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