Sikorsky X2 – World’s Fastest Helicopter

Sikorsky X2, – the fastest helicopter in the world has recently achieved a mojor ground-testing.  First announced in year 2005 but not launched yet and still continues its trial.

The Sikorsky X2 has future helicopter design. It has two rotating blades powered by LHTEC T800 turboshaft and combined with electronic controls to avoid shaking while hovering.  It also has rear-facing propeller that pushes the X2 forward.  The design of the blades eliminate the angular momentum and dissymmetry of lift allowing the aircraft to achieve faster speeds w/ greater efficiency.

Sikorsky X2 Helicopter - Fastest Chopper in the World

The World’s fastest helicopter Sikorsky X2 can achieve speed at 366 Km/h but recently in the experiment performed at the Flight Center in Florida, the aircraft has broke its own record and has successfully achieved cruising speed of up to 225 knots (equal to 416 km per hour).

Sikorsky believes that the it can still break that record and still pushing the cruising speed of the X2 demonstrator to 250 knots or equal to 462 km per hour, thats nearly twice the speed of today’s choppers.

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