Skylifter Balloon Which is designed to Transport Heavy Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment won’t be a challenge now as the Australian aeronautical firm Skylifter has launched a balloon that will be able to get heavy equipment in remote locations despite the absence of railways, runways, and roads.  The giant balloon is expected to carry tons of loads which can even transport the entire buildings.


The Skylifter Balloon is a 150 meter disc shaped which looks like a flying saucer is capable of carrying 150 tons compared to a heavy cargo helicopter’s capacity of carrying heavy gears. Also, the firm has designed it to provide a more stable and less susceptible to winds during flights of up to 1240 miles. The disc shaped balloon also acts like a parachute during its fall which according to the makers will provide a gentle landing while the control pod keeps it from being too heavy.

On the other hand, a mini remote-control version is currently being tested to show how the thing fully works. It is tested three meters across and it can carry half a kilo of load. The company is planning to build a full-sized prototype of the Skylifter balloon in the next three years.

Wow, how cool is that, eh?!?

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